Snow Bros

1.0.4 สำหรับ

Wipe out the screen with a snowball




Snow Bros, one of the classics from the very creative arcade games of the 90’s, is available on Android devices to the delight of all lovers of good video games that want to remember one of the greats just one more time.

The mechanics of the game have remained intact. Your objective will still be to eliminate all enemies from each screen before time runs out by throwing snowballs. That is, you will have a button to jump from platform to platform and another to attack your enemies—very simple.

The game has 50 levels with an increasing level of difficulty in which you will have to face more than 20 different enemies. Furthermore, you will be able to relax and play the game stage by stage or try to conquer One Coin Mode where you will have only one “continue” to finish the game.

Snow Bros is one of those immortal classics from the world of video games that will never go out of style. A true pearl of arcade games that continues to be as fun today as it was 20 years ago.